Online Tools that help us run our business

Here is a list of some of the online tools we use to run Product7.

  • Quickbooks Online – online accounting, timesheet reporting, invoicing, great reports
  • Emyth – the process to build the processes – highly recommended
  • Slicehost – the best hosting provider we’ve found for Ruby on RailsĀ  and Joomla – sadly it is going away eventually – replaced by Rackspace Cloud
  • Google Apps – mail, calendar, phone calls
  • Skype – video and chat conferences
  • Unfuddle – the system we use to manage and plan large distributed software projects
  • Google App Engine – our primary choice for back end server projects
  • Web2Py – python based web application framework
  • github – altnerative to subversion
  • Spotify – millions of songs streaming for free online – stop what you’re doing and go get it now
  • GoToMeeting – online conferencing over the web